Chungha Sung

Internship Projects

MediaTeck Inc., USA (Summer 2018)

   - Instruction Constraint Verifier: I worked on building a SMT-based constraints verifier for instruction-set under various architectures. Broadly, I focused on checking the inconsistency of constraints written by designers.
   - Integration of Fuzz-testing: This is not a complete project, but I tried to integrate fuzz-testing into a testing process for insturction implementations.

Micorsoft Research (Summer 2017)

   - Extension of a Scope query optimization tool: During the internship at MSR, I extended a scope query optimization tool. The tool consists of two parts: one part is parser and another part is template generation. Basically, it parses a query file and then prints a C-style code template, and the template is fed into a programming synthesis tool to optimize it. Then, the optimized C-style program is translated into an optimized query. However, the tool only supported a small set of queries because many queries use many combinations of columns and uninterpreted functions. So, I have changed both parser and template generation parts. To achieve this, I got used to F#, C# and Scope query.

AhnLab Inc., Korea (Summer 2012)

   - Development of Boot loader sequence: During the internship at AhnLab, I worked on prototyping new boot loader for an appliance that should be compatible with x86/MIPS architecture and Linux-based operating systems and simplified customer support and troubleshooting, ensuring that the boot loader would provide multi-level booting, securing the system to protect not only back side information, but customers’ information as well.